PlayingSlip ‘N Slide Is All Fun and Games Until You Do It off the Edge of a Cliff


You’ve probably got fond memories of playing Slip ‘N Slide as a kid, but none of them end quite like this deadly version that replaces the gradual stop you’d normally come to with a drop over the edge of a cliff. Clearly this guy was a fan of Slip ‘N Slide as a kid, but now that he’s grown up it just isn’t the same.

Just like any adrenaline junky the novelty wears off an you keep thinking up of absurd ways to get the same rush until eventually you end up like this guy, slip ‘n sliding into oblivion. We’re not saying that he’s stupid for taking on such a crazy base jump, we’re simply saying that we’re more than happy to sit back at home and watch this guy do it instead. We wouldn’t recommend trying this at home, or your local cliff for that matter.

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