Watch Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Concept Break 200mph as If You Were in It


Elon Musk is a man who likes to keep himself busy, and you’d think that Tesla and SpaceX would be enough. But he’s also working on something else that as a concept is probably more exciting than all the above, a Hyperloop that can transport people at speeds of up to 760mph whilst also generating more energy than it consumes. Pretty cool right? but the project isn’t there yet.

A video was recently released of the train-like pod travelling through a tunnel and surpassing the 200mph mark with ease and it’s pretty damn mesmerising to watch. The pod is able to travel so quickly and efficiently thanks to the low pressure inside the tunnel, allowing for speeds up to 760mph without the need for much energy. In theory that means LA to San Francisco would only take 35 minutes.

The video you see above was filmed just outside Las Vegas, the location for the smaller scale Hyperloop prototype. In it we see a Hyperloop pod made by WARR being used however the Hyperloop is open-sourced meaning that universities, creators and other tech teams are welcome to put forward their solution to reaching such high speeds in the most efficient way possible.

Musk reportedly wants the hyperloop to be up and running in 2018, although the jury is still out on whether that deadline will actually be met. Whilst we’re skeptical, here’s to hoping!

via UltraLinx

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