This Photographer Did an ‘It’ Themed Photoshoot with His Baby Brother and It’s Terrifying

Even if you’re ok with clowns yourself it’s quite easy to see why some people find them absolutely terrifying and as it happens, they don’t come anymore terrifying than Pennywise, the seriously creepy clown from Stephen King’s novel “It”.

More recently you might have seen more of Pennywise than you’d like and that’s because there’s a new “It” movie due to hit cinemas soon and inspired by this, 17-year-old Mississippi photographer Eagan Tilghman decided to do a Pennywise photoshoot with a twist. The clown was his 3-year-old brother Louie. 

From costume design, makeup and even the final photos Eagan did an amazing job at turning his little brother into an incredibly creepy miniature version of Pennywise that’s since gone viral – even gaining approval from the new movies director Andy Muschietti. For more info head over to Facebook and Instagram.

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