25 Hilarious Photos That Prove All Pets Are Absolute Jerks

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For pet owners around the world it comes as no shock that from time to time they like to play up and cause mischief. Dealing with that mischief just becomes part of owning a pet and no matter how bad they've been, you quickly find it in your heart to forgive.

That being said there's still no harm in poking fun at pets and their hilarious and often jerkish behaviour which is what's prompting many owners to share just how bad their pets have been online. Here are 25 hilarious photos that prove all pets are absolute jerks.

1. Springing a trap.

2. Nobody messes with kitty!

3. No regret whatsoever!

4. Well, I guess everyone's going to be hot then.

5. "Hey, come on! I'm serious this time!"

6. Well, there goes the dog food.

7. Dogs can even be jerks to their siblings.

8. No kitty, don't do that.

9. Of all the places to sit, she chooses here.

10. There's no way you're finishing this puzzle.

11. "My pup is kind of a jerk."

12. Can't be contained.

pets being jerks 18

13. Cat pushes brother into pool.

pets being jerks 4

14. "This seems like a good place to sit."

15. "Was woken up by my parrot saying "help me". Did not expect to find this."

16. Trying out a new yoga pose.

17. "Made a pie crust. Turned around to get the filling and..."

18. One of them is not like the other.

19. She opened the window whilst going through the car wash.

20. Sometimes you've got to improvise.

21. "It's like a million degrees in my house and this one won't stop unplugging the fan."

22. "This is my raft now."

23. Are you missing underwear?

24. "There was almost a hint of guilt for a split second. Then she continued."

25. 15th century cat leaves paw prints on owner's manuscript.