These Librarians Attempted Their Own Kardashian-Inspired Photoshoot and It's Brilliant

Better than the original?
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In order to mark the fact that the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is now a decade old the family decided to get together and pose for the cover of the Hollywood Reporter. A lot of people saw the cover, including the librarians over at the Invercargill City Libraries and Archives (New Zealand).

Inspired by the families photoshoot the team decided to have their own impromptu shoot. Why this photo in particular? “We picked that photo to spoof because it’s iconic and also we thought how funny would that look with ordinary people in it,” the libraries digital communications manager told BuzzFeed.

Given the photos huge success it's pretty clear who wore it better in this case - the librarians!

Keeping up with the Kardashians has now been running for more than 10 years...

kardashian photo shoot 1

Inspired by the families photoshoot to mark the occasion, a group of librarians decided to recreate their very own shoot.... and nailed it!

kardashian photo shoot 2

Staff at the Invercargill City Libraries and Archives (New Zealand) certainly know how to have a good time at work! 

kardashian photo shoot 3