Festival Fills Japan's Fields with Huge Straw Sculptures and They're Amazing

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Fall marks the harvesting season and as the evenings grow shorter festivals all around the world are taking place to celebrate its arrival, but none are quite as impressive as the Wara Art Festival in Northern Japan. Held to celebrate the rice season harvest the festival is put on with the help of the city's tourism division and the Musashino Art University who turn the straw left over from the harvest into towering sculptures of wild animals.

The art festival has been held in Niigata City since 2008 and every year students of the Musashino university work together to create sculptures of wild animals and mythical creatures from the rice straw - this years festival saw the creations of a giant King Kong-like gorilla as well as a crocodile, bull, lion and more!

For more information on the festival you can head over to Facebook.