22 People Who Trolled Protesters in the Funniest Way Imaginable

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Protests are great when they're peaceful - they give people an opportunity to exercise their freedom of speech. Sure, what some people openly protest about might not be what the majority of people believe and their opinions a little extreme, the good news is you can always counter them with your own signs and protests, just as these 22 people have done.

Using humour and funny signs they've instantly undermined what others are protesting about in the funniest way imaginable!

1. Vader hates rebels.

2. Something we can all agree on!

funny protests 21

3. Protester spotted in chester.

4. The true sinner.

funny protests 20

5. Owned!

6. A weird hobby to have.

7. Sir Ian Mckellen's sign is brilliant.

8. These two.

funny protests 17

9. Priceless!

10. Relax!

funny protests 13

11. Hide your daughters.

12. Proving that anyone can quote the bible...

funny protests 14

13. He was more like me than you.

14. Spotted at Chicago's Gay Pride.

15. Never misses a gay event.

funny protests 6

16. Trolling the protestors.

17. You've been warned.

18. Let's hope his wife finds this funny.

19. Pro-Life VS. Pro-Choice

20. San Diego LGBT Pride

funny protests 3

21. I came to take your jobs.

22. Jesus is fine with it.