The 20 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Parents with Baby Carriers

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With Halloween just around the corner you might have been invited to a halloween themed party, but if you've got little ones and don't have a babysitter fear not! as it turns out you can create a pretty awesome costume that includes them too!

Below we've put together a list of 20 halloween costumes ideas for parents with baby carriers that are both as funny as they are creative.

1. Little Red Riding Hood

baby carrier halloween costume ideas 20

2. Chef & Lobster

3. The Demolition Crew

4. Octopus Baby Costume

5. Pirate and Parrot

6. Sloth Baby And Mother Tree Costume

7.  Leprechaun With His Pot Of Gold

baby carrier halloween costume ideas 13

8. Tandem Skydiver

9. The Baker And Her Cupcake

10. E.T. And Elliot

11. Harry Potter & Dobby

12. Totoro

13. Popcorn Baby

14. Super Mario Baby Carrier Costume

baby carrier halloween costume ideas 7

15. Little Spider

16. We've Got This!

17. Zombie Baby

baby carrier halloween costume ideas 2

18. Mr. President

19. Baby Rapunzel

20. Alien Work Loader