This Guys Genius Advert to Sell His Girlfriends 1996 Honda Accord Is Worth Watching

Whilst most people would simply take a few photos and write an advert including some of the basics such as mileage, previous owners and service history, Los Angeles-based writer and director Max Lanman had something greater in mind for his fiancé’s 1996 Honda Accord. It wasn’t just any old Honda after all, it even had a nickname – “Greenie.”

It might be 21-years-old and have more than 141,095 miles on the clock but once you watch the brilliant commercial that Lanman put together you’ll be left with a big empty hole in your heart that can only be filled by owning your very own Greenie, but you’ll have to spend big if you want this one.

Racking up more than 5 million views and counting the cars viral success meant that the Honda’s eBay listing more than surpassed its book value of $1500 reaching an incredible $150,000. Ebay picked up on the listing without knowing its backstory and cancelled it due to suspected fraud. Now the couple have been offered $20k for Greenie from CarMax, although it’s not clear whether or not they’ve accepted.

This is a 96 Honda Accord which also goes by the name “Greenie”

After owning Greenie for more than 14 years, Carrie Hollenbeck decided it was time to move on

To help her sell the car her fiancé Max Lanman made this amazing commercial, which was an instant viral success

Unaware of the story behind the eBay listing it was cancelled due to suspected fraud after reaching $150,000

The couple re-listed the car, however it now appears to have ended again. They have received cash offers for the car – so for not Greenie’s fate is unclear!

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