52 Spine Tattoos That Are Elegant And Beautiful

If you’re looking for some spine tattoo ideas for women or men, take a look at the gallery below for some inspiration ink. 

The new trend in the inked community is beautiful and elegant spine tattoos. By now we all know that getting inked is no big deal, it’s safe to say that most 30 year olds or lower have at least one tattoo.

So when things become the norm, people try and get creative to stand out, and these elegant spine tattoo designs do just that.

Check out in the gallery below 42 creative spine tattoos that will inspire you for your next ink session, and we know there’s going to be a next one so don’t fight it. Also make sure to see this gallery of cool tattoo ideas if you’re searching for inspiration in general.

Elegant spine tattoo ideas for ink inspiration


When it comes to getting a new tattoo, there are a lot of things to consider:

  • Location of the tattoo
  • Size of the actual tattoo
  • When to do it and more

In this article we will try and help you figure out all of the above with an emphasis on spine tattoos and much more.

Location of the tattoo choice and meaning

For some cultures, the location of the tattoo you do has meaning as well. Some people choose to have tattoos in places on their bodies where it doesn’t show so that no one else will see them, it can give the person a sense of power and ownership knowing they have the tattoo, without anyone else knowing about it.

While some people like to place tattoos in prominent places to show them off, or they just don’t care about the placement and want to get some ink down.

In some cultures, the spine holds a special place of meaning, and getting ink on the spine is not just a cool place to get it done.

The spine symbolize the center of the human body, the pillar of the body connecting its center to everything else in the world. Some would also say it is a connection between heaven and earth.

Many Yoga enthusiasts believe that the spine is the center of the energy in our bodies. More specifically, the bottom of the spine, the part that is called the Sacrum is where the center of our gravity is.

Sacrum is derived from the Latin word ” Sacred ” and it doesn’t matter what you belive actually, each person has its own beliefs and opinions, and as such makes us all unique.

The interesting part about the spine is that when a baby is formed in the womb, the spine is the first part that is created, just another example of the importance of the human spine to our world and bodies.


elegant spine tattoo ideas

Size of the spine tattoo consideration

When it comes to size, every person is different, but what makes the spine tattoo different is the fact that it is a long, and narrow location.

This is something to consider, as most of the spine tattoo designs have a unique look to them because they are narrow and long, and look very clean, meaning the back itself is clean with no other tattoos other than the spine design.

If you would like to have more tattoos on your back in the future, this could take away from the uniqueness of your spine tattoo and make it look less elegant, just something to consider before getting under the needle.

PRO TIP When planning your spine tattoo design, try and think of the future and if you know you would like to have more tattoos on your back someday, try and think of a spine tattoo design that can be extended or continued while you work on your other designs. This will make it easier and look better.

What are spine tattoos anyway?

As the name itself suggests, spine tattoos are tattoos that run all the way down your spine. Not to be confused with full back tattoos which are usually done on most of the area of your back, spine tattoos tend to be much thinner and run down just over your actual spine.

This gives them a unique look that could be more delicate and pleasant to look at.

Spine tattoos can typically start from the back of your neck and go down all the way to your tailbone. But this is not a rule, as some spine tattoo designs can run shorter and only cover half of the spine or even less. So don’t over-think this.


The pain level of a spine tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a painful process, there is no sugar coating this. Getting a spine tattoo will most likely hurt you more than almost any other tattoo locations. The reasons for this is that there is very little to almost none tissue or fat or muscle between the spine and the skin.

This means when the needle pierce your skin it will get closer to your spine, and you will feel it more because there are no muscles or fat tissue to absorb the vibrations.

Another reason is that the spine is the one place in our bodies that is the most sensitive. The spine absorbs all the sensetations in our bodies so it makes sense for you to feel the pain much more than you would in any other part of your body.

But don’t let that effect your decision to get a spine tattoo. The pain from getting inked is for the most part bearable, and while it hurts for that period of time when you get it. After it’s done, you will enjoy your new tattoo for life so it should not change your decision based on the pain factor alone.

When to get a tattoo

Many people don’t realize that there are times for getting a tattoo and times that you should not do it. Let’s understand the best times to get a new tattoo and the times to avoid.

After getting a new tattoo, there is usually at least a few weeks of healing time that is needed and some handling.

Most fresh tattoos are like opened wounds, and you need to let them heal, add to that the ink injected to the skin layer, you should usually put ink cream 3 times per day, and avoid direct sunlight or getting into the pool.

Usually this period lasts for a few weeks up to a month, after that you are free to do what you want ( Although it is not recommended to expose tattoos to direct sun light for long periods of time )

This should be taken into consideration when deciding on the timing of your new tattoo. Usually people avoid doing fresh tattoos during the summer, as it’s the most hot time of the year and the chances of you getting direct sunlight on your new tattoo is higher than in winter when it’s colder and you wear longer clothes that protect you from the sun.

Same goes for pools. During the summer it is much more likely you would want to swim in the pool and the chemicals in the pool usually don’t mix well with a fresh tattoo.

For these reasons, it is recommended to get new tattoos done during the colder months of the year, which can mean different months for you depending on where you live in the world.


elegant spine tattoo ideas

Some popular spine tattoo designs

When it comes to these type of spine inks, the location is pretty much obvious, you simply cover the spine part of your back, however, because the location is narrow and long, this forces you to get creative with the ideas you have and the result is usually not a typical tattoo design, which is great for you.

Some of the most popular spine tattoo ideas include: 

  • Stars running down your spine – This popular design consists of stars inked in a row over your spine. Sometimes people ink the different moon phases down their spine like you see in the picture below, which is a very popular design to tattoo on your spine.



elegant spine tattoo ideas


  • Flowers down the spine – This is also a very popular design for that area of the body to be tattooed, the reason is that flowers tend to be narrow and long so this is a perfect location for that type of tattoo.



elegant spine tattoo ideas



A very unique spine tattoo design that can be more like a work of art than just a tattoo


elegant spine tattoo ideas

It’s always a good idea to break out of the mold and try new designs and ideas. It doesn’t matter if it’s spine tattoos for women or tattoo ideas for men, the bottom line is to get creative and do what feels right for you.


  • Spine over spine – Yes, you heard it right, many people ink a spine tattoo design on their actual spine, while this sounds like a weird idea, it is actually ones of the most popular ones we could find, and for good reason really.



elegant spine tattoo ideas



elegant spine tattoo ideas




spine tattoos for women




spine tattoos for women




spine tattoos for women




spine tattoos for women



spine tattoos for women




spine tattoos for women



spine tattoos





spine tattoos




spine tattoos



  • Hand written fonts – Some people like to write things down that have meaning to them and the spine is a great place to do that. Just make sure you use Print fonts as they tend to look better. Some people intentionally use hand written fonts to make the letters look less readable if what they want to ink is private or just they like how it looks.


spine tattoos




spine tattoos




spine tattoos

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