30 minimal logo designs That Celebrate Simplicity

If you’re like me, and have a passion for the minimal things in life, this list of minimal logo designs will sit nicely and even make your day. If you’re a business owner looking for a new business card design or just to refresh your logo, think about the type of business you have, what will look good as its logo and what will not. Some like flashy while others like minimalistic, it’s a personal taste and choice. There’s something really sophisticated in the simplicity of minimalistic logos, it takes a second to get the whole image even though it’s made from simple lines. Browse the list and comment on the best design.

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1. Twins

2. Atack 

3. Crown 

4. Half

5. More

6. Mosleep 

7. CodeFish 

8. Rocket Golf

9. Fishline 

10. Up

11. City Direct 

12. Pendulum 

13. Unarmed 

14. Love Clip

15. Thinktank 

16. Fence 

17. Backspace 

18. Folder 

19. One Fund

20. Back

21. Noon 

22. Wine Searcher 

23. Handmade Pictures 

24. Pencil 

25. Ed’s Electric 

26. Catch 5 

27. Killed Productions 

28. Bird

29. Missing

30. Mummy 

If you ask me, my favorite simple logo from this list is for sure Ed’s Electric or the Loveclip. These really hit home with me as they are both minimal and beautiful. 

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