36 Cat Tattoos For The Ultimate Feline Inspiration

There’s really no surprise that cat tattoos became one of the most popular ink trends in recent years. Cats symbolise a lot of things from god like status in Egypt to the symbol of clean and tiny in Greece. In more modern times, cats have been the most popular house pet ( maybe seconds to dogs only ) and it’s clear people just can’t get enough of them. 

So for this reason, and many others, people love getting a cat shaped tattoo to show their love for their pet. The list below of 36 cat inks will be your ultimate feline inspiration if you’re looking to get some ink done.

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1. Beautiful minimalistic cat tattoo

2. Cat lives forever with me

3. My cat paws are with me

4. Cat love

5. Cattoo

6. Yin and Yang but with cats

7. Stretched out kitten tattoo

8. Behind the hair 

9. Trying to catch butterflies 

10. On the finger detailed ink of a cat

11. High five cats

12. A different kind of cat portrait 

13. So minimal

14. Beautiful and tiny

15. Scared kitten ink 

16. One line

17. Chubby kitten tattoo

18. So simple and beautiful 

19. Jewellery animal

20. Abstract tattoo of a cat

21. All black 

22. One line curved 

23. On the heel

24. Fill in the blanks 

25. Semi column and also a cat 

26. The inspiration and the tattoo

27. Another version of the yin and yang 

28. So choice 

29. Behind the ear never fails 

30. He knows it’s him 

31. Power to you

32. Delicate and stylish 

33. This looks, creepy

34. upside down kitten 

35. So abstract you can’t tell what it is

36. Meow – the best of the cat tattoos by far 

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