The Japanese spinning arrow illusion that makes you look twice

This Japanese spinning arrow illusion will actually make you look more than twice and even after you will find out all about it, you will still be tricked. Usually, with illusions of this type, after someone explains them to you, you will see them right, but this spinning arrow, no matter how hard you look at it or try to compel your brain to see it right, you will fail.

The illusion belongs to Professor Kokichi Sugihara, doctor of engineering, best-known for his 3D optical illusions that make people question the very laws of physics. You can only understand the illusion if you watch the arrow from above and see the actual form of it. We will leave you with some pictures and a video. Tell us if you see it!

You thought we would leave you just with that? No. We’ll leave you with some more illusions to look at and try to understand them. Tell us, what’s wrong with these? 

How does that ball stay there? 
Any idea?


Those balls are going up, not down as you’d think


Did you see it?

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