Banksy artwork self-destructs after being sold for $1.3 million

One of Banksy’s most famous pieces of work sells for $1.3 million and just seconds after, it comes down into pieces. What was the person who bought it thinking? We would really want to know.

But then we found out that actually the shredded piece is now worth $2m due to Banksy’s trick and that should please the owner, don’t you think? It sounds like a good investment.

But how did this happen? Apparently, the Banksy camp secured a few seats for the sale and reportedly, a man from one of those seats was holding a device in his hand that triggered the whole shredding business. When security detained him, he denied any of the allegations.

Later, Banksy posted an Instagram video of what and how it happened. He then deleted it, but you can watch it below. What do you think of all these happenings?









9. And here is how it happened!

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