Inside Musical Instruments there’s an untold story. 14 pictures to prove it

Have you seen the inside of a musical instrument so far? It looks like a mysterious realm from one of the greatest epic stories of our generation. It’s full of shadows and mystic lights and dust settling in the darkest corners, but it’s also full of poetry and music.

You can see the sound holes of a violin from the inside and the sight is bound to make you stare and ask for more. A cello is an object of exquisite beauty and its sounds are heavenly. Now you can also see deep down in its most hidden secrets.

The double bass is a big guy you don’t mess with, but from the inside he looks kind and nice. Also, the insides of a guitar is a place where you could spend your morning, much like a modern apartment, don’t you think?


 2. There is some magic inside a cello

3. Mistery

4. Through the twisted corridors of sound

5. Inside a viola

6. …and a violin

7. Inside a double bass the tension is building

8. The inside of a guitar looks like a nice place to spend your day

9. “A long, lonely time” inside a cello. You can almost feel the sound


11. Another perspective of the inside of a cello

12. Inside a piano there is dust and…music

13. Inside a saxophone…from a different perspective

14. The haunting inside of a saxophone

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