The Winners of the 2018 Scuba Diving Magazine underwater photography contest

From Moby Dick and to this day, the underwater world has been a cause of great tales and mystery. Our today’s means allow us to see better and deeper into this amazing place and take a look at its incredible wildlife and beauty. Even so, there are not many those who choose to dedicate their lives to this kind of endeavour. This is why we’ve got to thank Scuba Diving Magazine for bringing them and their deeds forward.

What you are about to see below is the collection of photographs awarded at the “Through Your Lens Underwater Photo Contest”. The categories are: Wide-Angle, Macro, Conceptual and Compact Camera. The results are more than spectacular.

Yes, they are photographs and they are fantastic!

1. 1st Place by a Compact Camera. Author: Jamie Hall

2. 1st Place Wide Angle. Author: Alex Dawson

3. 1st Palce Macro. Author: Cai Songda

4. 2nd Place Macro. Author: Christian Bachmann

5. 2nd Place Compact Camera. Author: Yap Katumnbal

6. 2nd Place Conceptual. Author: Lucie Drlikova

7. 2nd Place Wide Angle. Author: Karen Smith

8. 3rd Place Wide Angle. Author: Tom St. George

9. 3rd Place Compact Camera. Author: Ferenc Lorincz

10. 3rd Place Macro. Author: Rafael Fernandez Caballero

11.  3rd Place Conceptual. Author: Christian Vizl

12. 1st Place Conceptual. Author: Conor Culver

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