When Marble Speaks: 24 close-ups at some of the best sculptures ever made

When marble speaks, miracles happen. You’ve probably seen these sculptures in pictures or in museums, but have you ever analyzed the incredible details that they’re made of? How every curve of the body, every muscle or vein is carefully studied and molded in marble?

It’s like a poetry that unveils itself the more you insist on reading its every word. Marble speaks in curves and lines that look like they’re actually flowing, like a river, to the ocean of the masterpieces.

Here are 24 close-ups to some of the most famous and spectacular sculptures ever made. You don’t need to be an art critic of enthusiast to see the beauty in them and I think that’s the sign of superior art.

1. Pierre Julien – The Dying Gladiator, 1779

2. Gian Lorenzo Bernini – The Rape of Proserpina (1621-1622)

3. Raffaelle Monti – Sisters of Charity, 1847

4. Undine Rising from the Fountain by Chauncey Bradley

5. Statue of St. Sebastiano by Giuseppe Giorgetti

6. Ugolino and His Sons-Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

7. Michelangelo РPietà

8. “Seeds Stone Grain” sculpture

9. Thomas Ridgeway – The West Wind

10. Girl Bathing by Richard James Wyatt


Thomas Ridgeway – The West Wind

12. Faune endormi – Oeuvre d’Edme Bouchardon (entre 1726 – 1730)

13. Lorenzo Bartolini – The Nymph Arnina, 1825

14. Lucius Verus, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK

15. Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux – Ugolino and His Sons

16. Reverse Pygmalion

17. Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux – Ugolino and His Sons

18. Giovanni Battista Lombardi- NAJADE O NINFA (NAIAD OR NYMPH)

19. Apollo and Daphne, by the Italian Artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini

20. Modesty By Antonio Corradini, 1752

21. Ambrogio Borghi – Berenice’s Tresses

22. Hiram Powers – The Greek Slave

23. Michelangelo, David

24. Michelangelo, David

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