16 Beautifully designed objects that will amaze you

Sometimes, design is everything. Sometimes, design makes things just a little bit better, adding just that perfect twist that they need to be perfect. Especially with ordinary things like forks and spoons or headphones and cookies, design and packaging can make it all 1000 times more interesting.

Have you ever paid attention to the floor tiles in a post office or used a book that actually turns into a lamp and back again? After seeing them, you would want to have them yourself. These are 16 beautifully designed objects! 

1. Gardening tools or eating tools? 

2. They arranged these headphones’ packagings so they look like music notes

3. A very intimate bed.

4. Just Vote!

5. Popcorn and movies. These two should always go hand in hand

6. Nice packaging 

7. Milkshake in a light bulb

8. Books that turn into lamps

9. A ring box perfect for photographers 

10. A poster against the disposal of nuclear waste

11. The floor tiles at the US Postal Museum

12. Did you see those Renault logos on the Renault Fluence tail lights?

13. Donuts from an opened box of donuts

14. Confusing stairs

15. The perfect necklace for a Van Gogh fan

16. These cans…

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