22 Comical illustrations to help you look on the bright side of life

There is something special about this kind of comical illustrations. They give you a solution, an answer, if you want, to some of life’s strange happenings. They re-imagine a sunrise, they describe how Monday must feel every week, or picture a grenade offering the ring to another grenade.

What follows after that is what we make of it. Enjoy!

1. Something’s cooking here

2. So this is why the sun is so happy sometimes

3.Not sure which one is better

4. Sleeping gives you energy to fly away

5. A very explosive proposal

6. Monday always on rehab

7. Why does no one love him?

8. This is life!

9. It is grandma’s dream to make you a fat little boy!

10. Those were some pretty dangerous hugs

11. Fire and more fire!

12. Rainbows and happiness

13. If a teabag was speaking

14. Don’t underestimate the power of a haircut

15. After coffee everything falls into place

16. iHugs is special

17. Full battery!

18. Difference?

19. I’ll be back!

20. Rich

21. When you feel relieved…

22. Well, another sort of relief!

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