Lion King 1994 vs Lion King 2019: See the differences frame by frame!

You do remember the Lion King, don’t you? You cannot have missed it. Everything in that movie, from its soundtrack to characters to phrases is famous. From the “In the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight” to Hakuna Matata and the famous duo Timon and Pumba, everything is history there.  The highest-grossing animated film at that time and the 4th now, Lion King is a landmark in Disney history and our own. Now, they are going to re-enact it and it looks so good. Forget the all cartoon-like jungle and welcome to real jungle.

Here’s a little comparison of the two films, side by side. Old and classic and new and exciting!

1. Year 1994

2. Year 2019

3. Year 1994

4. Year 2019

5. Year 1994

6. Year 2019

7. Year 1994

8. Year 2019

9. Year 1994

10. Year 2019

11. Year 1994

12. Year 2019

13. Year 1994

14. Year 2019

15. Year 1994

16. Year 2019

17. Side by side comparison

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