Camouflaged Self Portraits by Cecilia Parades

How about you camouflage yourself in your own self-portrait? Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes probably pondered with this idea for a while before creating amazingly rich floral photographs which hide herself through their incredible patterns. Her face, arms and even torso perfectly morph into the background creating a living artist living and breathing from his own art.

“I wrap, cover, or paint my body with the same pattern of the material and re-present myself as part of that landscape. Through this act, I am working on the theme of building my own identification with the entourage or part of the world where I live or where I feel I can call home. My bio has been described as nomadic so maybe this is also a need of addressing the process of constant relocation”.

Constant relocation or maybe constant re-invention, Cecilia’s portraits are something new, something refreshing and something that will make you happy just looking at them. Try for yourself!

1. “Blue Landscape” (2007)

2.“Art Nouveau” (2011)

3.“Art Nouveau” (2011)

4. “Lilly” (2014)

5. “En tus alas” (2014)

6.”Paradise Hands” (2011)

7. “Mia Standing with Butterflies” (2015)

8. Dreaming Rose

9.“Both Worlds” (2009)

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