10 Sculptures from around the world that defy logic and gravity

Art has the special power of defying even the laws of Physics and amaze us with its incredible power. It sort of proves to us, metaphorically, that everything is possible, everything is permitted and nothing is really true, all is relative. Take this as the best advice to think outside the box. Always!  An artist does his magic at the borders of an ordinary man’s logic. He can play with people’s perspectives, challenge their vision and way of thinking, push the boundary of human understanding to the very edges of despair. You know that feeling of helplessness that you feel when standing in front of Mona Lisa, for example or in the Sistine Chapel? The feeling that something so much bigger than you is at stake. This is an artist’s role. To awaken that feeling in you, that state in which you can understand art better than anything.  What we’ve gathered here is a collection of 10 modern and contemporary sculptures that will truly challenge you, make you look again and again and again until you give up and just become amazed at the impossible creative power of art. But don’t give up scrolling!

1. Unplugged

2. Infra Gravity

3. Alex Chinneck’s “Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder”

4. De Vaartkapoen ~ Brussels Belgium

5. “Dancing With Dandelions” By Robin Wight

6. Cairo airport sculpture

7. Trans ī re, 2017

8. Lucid Dream

9. Lucid Dream II

10. Mother Nature Rotating Earth

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