129 ways to get a husband straight from 1958

If there are some things that you might believe are not possible in this world, well, think again because you are making a bad mistake. Have you ever thought that making a lot of money would help you get noticed by your future husband? It seems quite possible, but if the only thing he saw in you was money, then why marry him?

Anyways, if you don’t make a lot of money, you’ve got to read the obituaries to find the best widowers in town and if that doesn’t work, you can take a bicycle trip through Europe to find your husband. AND if THAT doesn’t work, you’ve got to get a job in medical, dental or law school or go to golf courses. It all sounds so cringe, doesn’t it? Apparently it wasn’t that cringe in the 1950s because all that and more is part of what magazines were advising women back in the days of the Cold War. Someone happened to buy a copy of a 1958 McCall’s magazine and shared with the world the “129 ways to get a husband”.

Are you prepared for this?

1. This is the treasure box with the best advice on how to get a husband

2.  And this is the person who cared to share it with all of us

3. First and foremost, you’ve got to check the grounds and find him. Number 6 is WTF as hell!

4. So, should I do all of these at once?

5. The leftovers…Oh, right!

6. Forget discretion, girl!

7. I like no.35!

8. So, fly open your purse. If he’s just a thief, you’ll know

9.  Practice your drinking and you might look good to your future husband. Say whaaat?

10. How could a sunburn help? I..can’t…

11. “girls who whine stay on the vine!”

12. Wait…so read no.75 more than once! I dare you!

13. If he’s a fisherman…What if he’s a pilot? You should learn how to repair a plane?

14. No.93 is so…sneaky

15. Wolves! It’s all about wolves! It’s a trap!

16. How about telling him you like his money?

17. Number 113 just finished me. Whaaaaaaaaat?

18. I get it. This are WILD IDEAS

19. So carrying a tow chain in the trunk of your automobile will get you a husband. This is it! You lived in the dark all these years!

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