The beauty of the human race in 43 photographs

Beauty comes in many forms and colours and in the shape of diversity as well. Actually, one thing that makes our planet so wonderful is the diversity of peoples and landscapes and natural wonders that are hiding here. The world is not your soap bubble that you currently live in and which you believe is the reality. Reality has so many facets and colours and peoples, that you will actually go mad if you tried to understand or grasp them and insert them in your special soap bubble which you call “life on planet Earth”.

But a perspective shift from time to time doesn’t hurt. Taking the veil off your eyes and peeking out from behind your wall of safety and known could take you in an uncharted territory that is both beautiful and frightening. That is what these 43 pictures will teach you: how beautiful and diverse human race is and nature itself, which forced these peoples to live and be the way they are, which is definitely not you way, bu t it could be. 

1. Huli, Indonesia e Papua Nuova Guinea

photo by Jimmy Nelson

2. Stunning street photography of a boy dressed as Lord Shiva

3. Ethiopian Tribes, Suri

4. Animals and child

5. The eyes have it!” Papu in Pushkar, India

Stuart Cohen

6.”I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun”

7. Black is the queen of colour

Joana Choumali

8. Shai’La Yvonne

Bailey Harada Stone

9. That look!

Eric Lafforgue

10. World

Jimmy Nelson

11. Jimmy Nelson Kazakh, Mongolia

Jimmy Nelson

12. Motherhood

13. Behind the veil

14. Tribes of the Omo Valley

15. Between the acts

16. Faces

Woodrow Nash

17. Rabari, India

Jimmy Nelson

18.Samburu, Kenya

Jimmy Nelson

19. Huli, Indonesia e Papua Nuova Guinea

Jimmy Nelson

20. Tsaatan, Mongolia

Jimmy Nelson

21. Banna, Etiopia

Jimmy Nelson

22. Gauchos, Argentina

Jimmy Nelson

23. Chukchi, Russia

Jimmy Nelson

24. Chukchi, Russia

Jimmy Nelson

25. Dani, Indonesia e Papua Nuova Guinea

Jimmy Nelson

26. Gauchos, Argentina

Jimmy Nelson

27. Drokpa, India

Jimmy Nelson

28. Goroka, Indonesia e Papua Nuova Guinea

Jimmy Nelson

29.Goroka, Indonesia e Papua Nuova Guinea

Jimmy Nelson

30. Karo, Etiopia

Jimmy Nelson

31. Maasai, Tanzania

Jimmy Nelson

32. Kalam, Indonesia e Papua Nuova Guinea

Jimmy Nelson

33. Maori, Nuova Zelanda

Jimmy Nelson

34. Maori, Nuova Zelanda

Jimmy Nelson

35. The eyes!

36. Vanuatu, Isole Vanuatu

Jimmy Nelson

37. Kazakh, Mongolia

Jimmy Nelson

38. In the family!

39. Ritual

40. Black and white and piercing eyes

41. Between the many colours of life

42. Moving with time, shifting perspectives

43. The colours

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