Gravity-defying human bodies that push past the known physical boundaries

Our bodies are wonderful. They have a brain of their own: healing and taking care of themselves almost independently of our behaviour. And let’s face it: sometimes, we act really stupid towards our health.  But our bodies have limits, as well and this is why we have sports. Athletes have always strived to push past their limits making a case of will and strength. So it has been ingrained in us that limits are made to be broken and that a man can run the 100m in less and less seconds than the previous world record.

Fine art and fashion photographer Rob Woodcox have come up with a better idea to push past the human boundaries: photography and a bit of creative editing. The result is mesmerizing and inspiring. Bodies are dancing in the air, defying gravity and physical laws in a beautiful display of what humans could do if they use all their creative and innovative power. Enjoy!









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