13 holiday get-away cottages for couples

Ever feel like getting away, far away from everything and just be with your significant other? These 13 holiday cottages are everything you need. They look like out of some fairy tale. They posses a special power that will help you heal completely, from everything you think you suffer from: stress, anxiety, panic attacks? These places look like they were built to help you.

From the sunny La Valetta, to the chilly Scotland, these cottages are perfect to rest your weary heart. You don’t even need to go too far away. Take, for example, the Nest Treehouse, from Washington. It is a 30-minute drive from Seattle to this tree Pete-Pan-inspired treehouse where you can sleep among the trees and enjoy a morning coffee overlooking a beautiful neaby pond. If you want an extra ralaxation treatment, you can get yoga classes and massages in this wonderful place.

New Yorkers have an even better option: The Willow Treehouse. Only a short drive away from Woodstock, this timber-lined house is lifted on a tree, with no WI-FI so no e-mail can ever wake you up.

See, it’s easy to take a step back and relax! Let’s do it! May these 13 places inspire you for the week ahead!

1. Atelier, Valetta, Malta

2.The Mirrorcube at TreHotel, Sweden

3. Casa Tiny, Oaxaca, Mexico

4. The Krane, Copenhagen

5. Banks Peninsula retreat, New Zealand

6. Oberon Shire, Australia

7. The Willow Treehouse, New York

8. Nest treehouse, Washington

9. Photographer’s house, Croatia

10. The Monocabin, Greece

11. Fiskavaig Studio, Isle of Skye, UK

12. Kyle House, Scotland

13. Lost Cottage in County Kerry, Ireland

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