9 Beautiful pencil illustrations depicting our inner solitary worlds

I’m going to begin this in the classic way: “Someone once said…” Yes, because I just remembered I read somewhere that we’re mostly alone throughout our lives, from the supreme moment of our birth to the final moment of our demise. We’re alone, us and ourselves, perpetually searching for that soulmate to complete us. We are solitary worlds, looking for other solitary worlds. The Ancient ones had the myth of Androgene to explain our human search for completeness.  What do we have?

A whole new generation of artists ready to investigate the human soul, embrace our peculiarities and play with our emotions through new forms and styles of expression. A child with a mask and white socks solitary sitting on a table, a girl/boy snorkeling into a tablecloth, a boy emerging on a ladder from the unknown and mysterious insides of a chair, all worked in pencil on paper, are the works of art belonging to the Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits.  Each of his characters are residents of their own solitary worlds looking for another one to complete them.

Carefully looking at these 9 beautiful pencil illustrations, you will get a solitary feeling of freedom and a little bit of despair, as well. Since we are deeply alone and constantly trying to find what’s missing, that soulmate that will complete our lives, we have to devise certain plans and wear certain masks to adapt to our society and find the one we’re looking for. This is what these beautiful illustrations mean to us.

What do you think? How do they touch you?


“White Socks”






“House of the Big Door”






“House with Cloud”


“Chair and Ladder”



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