10 Incredible, out of this world houses

The most fortunate of us spend the first years of their lives in a house, the parents’ house. Depending on the amount of luck you have been distributed at birth, the house is bigger or smaller, with more or less commodities. Usually, by the age of 20, we fly away, leave our parents’ nests and go on to build our own house, career, family.

So, this way, the house has always been the center of one’s life. We are born into one and we live to build one for ourselves and our future families. Most people’s lives go into building a house. Because that’s where the heart can rest and feel at home.

Well, these people here have thought of some really cool, incredible, out of this world solutions and designs to build the house of their dreams while using renewable materials, or locally- sourced materials, or just doing their best with the little they had. Some of them, look like they splurged a whole amount of money on a house that could defeat our wildest dreams. Anyways, these 10 incredible, out of this world house you are going to see below will leave you moonstruck! Enjoy!

1. The house in between trees

No forest or tree was hurt for the making of this. Architect Keisuke Kawaguchi made sure of that when he imagined a series of houses weaving around trees near Yonago City, in Japan. One example is right here below. This is a house made of many rooms connected through passages that go through the forest. Imagine living here!



2. Japanese Forest House

Brian Schulz has put his boat building skills into action to create something more than a boat: a house in the forest, using only $11,000 and materials that he could source from the whereabouts. The Japanese Forest House, as he refers to it, is located in the woods of Cape Falcon, Oregon and really brings a little bit of Japanese aesthetics to the American forest.



3. Modern Hobbit House

Welcome to the Shire! Well, most precisely, welcome to Vals, Switzerland, where two Dutch architecture firms collaborated to construct a house that even Bilbo Baggins would love. The house is mostly underground, for the most part, with an elliptical patio space where you can sit and admire the gorgeous mountains;



4. Tiny House

Web designer Alek Lisefski built himself and his girlfriend Anjali and their dog, Anya, a nice home for just $30,000. And it’s on wheels!  Place on a trailer, the tiny 8’x12′ mobile house can be dragged almost anywhere. They’re currently settled in California. “Inhabiting such a small space will force me to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient way”,  says Alek of his tiny little gorgeous house.



5. Solar-Powered House built with renewable materials and solar cells covering the house exterior



6. Underground Desert House in Greece

This is a perfect example of how humans can thrive together with nature without disturbing each other. This house in rural Greece is basically camouflaged beneath the earth, allowing nature to have its thing around her.



7. Nido is a 96-Square-Foot Home built by Robin Falck, a Finnish designer in order to forego the need for building permits and still have a safe house to live in. It was all built with locally sourced materials and it all took about 2 weeks.


8.  Macy Miller’s 196-Square-Foot Tiny House

Fed up with hefty mortgage payments, Macy embarked into a 2-year building adventure and came up with this beautiful tiny house big enough to accommodate her needs and she is continuously improving it.



9.  Ship House called The World

The World is the name of this ship serving as a residence for about 165 individuals or families from 19 different countries who bought one onboard Residence on this ship which travels the globe almost endlessly. The World has 644 feet and that makes it the largest privately owned yacht on the planet.

The World has circumnavigated the globe dozens of times since its first launch in 2002. The residents who decide to spend their vacation times here have the chance to wake up in a new destination every few days. This is what you’d call the perfect vacation house in the world, on board of The World



10. Train Caboose House

A train caboose formerly owned by the Great Northen Railway X215 is now an accommodating living space in Essex, Montana. It’s got almost anything you’d want from a house: personal kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, fireplace.



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