17 Cute Food Characters you never knew existed

Foodbites is a culinary creative who has a talent for creating cute food characters. Strawberries, bananas, avocado or kiwi are her main canvas and what she manages to do with these fruits is mind-blowing. You’ll never look at a banana and only see a banana from now on, we assure you! Foodbites’ secret stands in melted chocolate and other likewise confectionery tools and products which enable her to give fruits and vegetables eyes, expressive mouths and even paws. There is also a reason to Foodbites’ art. The woman behind the artist is a mom of three and she wanted to show to her children and her 200,000+ Instagram followers that preparing food can be fun, not just a chore.

Scroll down below and have your day made brighter by these cute happy food characters!

1.Penguin Bananas. Eat them if you dare!

2. Cute puppy strawberries. Bon Appetite!

3. Pineapple cutie!

4. Avocado koalas!?

5. A funny / scary watermelon!

6. What are they looking at?

7. Cute food is what this is! Cute food!

8. Baby spoon frogs: a new breed of the imagination of the artist

9.What are they waiting for?

10. Cuties!

11. Somebody call the cutie police!

12. Never thought bananas could be this funny-looking!

13.Hey, there, cutie!

14. Having a great cutie time!

15. Tourist pears

16. These bananas hide great secrets!

17. Cuteness overload

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