18 Inspirational Children Quotes to remind us of our greatest fortune

The wisdom contained in these 18 Inspirational Children Quotes is what our world really needs today. Children are what we leave behind, our greatest fortune and our greatest masterpiece. There could be nothing greater than a child, no technological advancement, no scientific breakthrough. Because who would be there to further use and develop our tools and technologies if not our children? Who would think more and better if not our children? Who will bring mankind further if not our children? A child is the most valuable investment of ours and, unfortunately, in our most rapid and crazy society, the child is neglected, left behind, forgotten, too recklessly thrown into the Social Media craze and not cared for his development.

These 18 inspirational children quotes feel like a fresh breath of air and an alarming flash signal. No presents and fortune could replace presence and caring. Read on and be inspired, whether you’re a parent, a soon-to-be-parent, a child or young adult, this here is a little piece of wisdom. After all, through children, we can all contribute to our world going forward!

1. The future lies with them!

2. Something truly remarkable and rough

3. A children is an unfolded mystery

4. Through children our world lives on

5. One big sin of our busy society

6. Every child has the potential to become great

7. Children are the future

8. Humour was in no short supply during the times of Aristotle

9. Changing the world looks like an easy task

10. Light up that fire!

11. A child never paints. A child does art!

12. Children really imitate what you do. Bear that in mind!

13. The bare truth!

14. Children should meet with a fair share of hardships throughout their development, as well

15. What you are is what will shape your children

16. The How

17. Listen to them! When have you last done that?

18. Make a difference!

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