20 Extreme Selfies you should never “try at home”!

Selfies have become a phenomenon of our modern days. They have even got the attention of the academic world and a lot of academic papers have been written on the subject. Every day we scroll through feeds full of selfies, some better than others, some quirkier than others, selfies of normal people or influencers’ well-studied selfies. There have been reported cases of people going to extremes to take the right selfie, some even finding their end doing so.

What you are about to see below is not a list of people who died trying to take the perfect selfie, but rather a list of 20 extreme selfies you should never attempt to replicate. Consider this a “Don’t try at home!” badge!

1. Dubai Skyscraper Extreme Selfies

Alexander Remnev is only 19 years old and he climbed the tallest residential building in the world – the 1,350ft Princess Tower in Dubai to take a selfie.

Image: Alexander Remnev

2. Extreme Selfie on the edge of an active lava lake

Image: George Kourounis

3. Extreme Selfie with a dirt tornado


4.Selfie with a Great White, in Guadalupe, 150 miles off the coast of Mexico

Image: johnward101

5.Extreme Sea Selfie after plane crash

The Makani Kai Air Cessna’s engine broke down on December 11, 2013 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 9 passengers were on board that plane, one of then died. Ferdinand Puentes is one of the surviving passengers, talking a selfie in a yellow life preserver while the aircraft behind him was sinking.

Image: Ferdinand Puentes

6. Extreme Selfie diving from a hot air ballon

GoPro athletes Mike Escamilla and Travis Fienhage went for a different kind of Halloween trick

Image: GoPro

7. Extreme Cliff Jumping Selfie

Image: Kailey Gillane

8. Extreme Bull Run Selfie

Image: Houston Press

9. Extreme Selfie while balancing on the edge of Beaver Falls in Arizona

Image: Travis Burke Photography

10. Spectacular F-16 Selfie in Mid-Air

Solo Turk team of F-16 solo aerobatics team of Turkish Air Force took a selfie after a few dives and turns while deflecting a series of flares to create the pyrotechnic effect you can see behind him.

Image: Solo Turk

11. Extreme Selfie in mid-air

This is Jokke Sommer in Hawaii, right before skydiving. How do you dangle off a helicopter like that?

Image: redbull.com

12. Wave Riding Extreme Selfies

13. Extreme Wave Riding Selfies

Shaun Smith from Orange County, California loves bodyboarding and has been doing it since 7 years old. He is no selfish man, wishing to share with the world what surfing really means through a surfer’s eyes. Hence the extreme wave riding selfies!

Image: Shaun Smith

13. Are you ready for some Rooftop action?

14. Hold your breath!

15. Extreme Rooftoping Selfies

16. Extreme Rooftoping Selfies to make your heart skip a beat

Kirill Oreshkin and Mustang Wanted made it their mission to climb the world’s tallest buildings for the perfect selfie.

17. Extreme selfie on the statue of Christ the Redeemer from Brazil

The Flask Pack online travel blog co-founder, Lee Thompson was in Brazil, covering the 2014 World Cup when given the chance to climb on the top of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ statue.

Image: theflashpack.co.uk

18. Fancy a selfie with a cheetah?

Tourism Australia’s Best Job In The World winner poses here with a cheetah, at the National Zoo in Canberra.

Image: Cameron Ernst, Tourism Australia

19. F-16 pilot takes a selfie with Dreamliner

An extreme selfie took on a Go-Pro by a Royal Netherlands Airforce pilot in the air, together with the first Dutch Boeing 787-8, Dreamliner.


20. Extreme Selfie out of this world

NASA flight engineer Mike Hopkins decided it was high time to take a selfie in space, on the Christmas Eve of 2013. No Kim Kardashian selfie could ever beat this one.

Image: nasa.gov

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