We dare you keep a straight face when reading these 25 Meow Tweets!

These Meow tweets need a proper article because they’re funnier than you’d expect.  It’s been 13 years now since we have Twitter. It’s been with us  through the good and bad, quietly helping people speak more than they used to before. Well, not really speak, but write, send out messages for no specific recipient. Now, Twitter has over 231 million monthly active users and it’s part of our daily life as much as the TV is. People go on Twitter and express their feelings on certain matters, but also use their humour to make our lives better as well. These 25 meow  tweets are here to prove it.

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, whether you love cats or they’re just some pets for you, these 25 meow tweets will not leave you poker face. Enjoy!

1. Imagine sitting in bed, watching Netflix and then the cat appears

2. Probably a quite biased article

3. If a cat fits, a cat sits wherever she wants

4. Selfies do not hold any mystery for her anymore

5. “Gimme’ food, hooman!”

6. A little stretch!

7. A “litter” silence, please!

8. Tough decision here! We hope he made it out alive!

9. Cat wants fresh water. Cat gets fresh water!

10. Cat gang in action!

11. “Ohh, s**t! Put the shocked face on!”

12. Batman lives among us!

13. Read the P.S. and try not to laugh!

14. Someone is having a hard time making money

15. Chips is winning people over

16. Speechless

17. Congratulations!

18.Cats happen when you least expect them

19. What is this cat doing?

20. “So, you’re basically the utmost level of fat possible”

21. SuperCat!

22. Try not to laugh!

23. A classic one

24. Organization at its best

25. “What do you think you’re doing, hooman?”

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  1. this is so stink-en funny my stomach hurts of just thinking about it thank you for making me happy


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