23 Stunning Close-Up Photos you’ll have a hard time figuring out

Self-taught photographer Pyanek is behind this “Amazing Worlds” project.”Amazing” is also one word we could use to describe his photographs which depict the tiny world just under our fingertips. From lipstick to ballpoint pen or teabags, the very tiny bits that make our world are really unknown to us. We see a coffee bean and we can recognize it from a certain distance, but, the funny thing is, we might find ourselves in great difficulty doing so from a close up. With the use of a super-awesome macro lens, Pyanek has, basically, re-created our world.

“It’s an exploration of the details of everyday things we might commonly dismiss. In the process of making this series, I experience them as adventures into the worlds within our world”, says the photographer. 

This photo series enable us to pierce into the stunning complexity of some of the most simple and familiar goods we use in our everyday life. It gives you a sense of deep appreciation for our world and its many intricacies which we still don’t know or understand. And if not, it’s still cool to watch these 23 stunning close-up photos trying to figure out which is which and what is what.

This brings me to another conclusion. How lucky we are to have the perks of photography at our disposal, unraveling for us some of our world’s best hidden secrets and maybe endow us with some superior understanding.

1. Book Pages

2. Burger

3. Chocolate Cookie

4. Coffee Bean

5. Lipstick

6. Spaghetti

7. A Computer Keyboard X

8. Beach Stone

9. Marker Tip

10. Velcro

11. Serrated Knife

12. A teabag

13. Ballpoint Pen

14. Apple Stalk

15. Cigarette

16. Match

17. Soap Foam

18. Steel Sponge

19. Kitchen Sponge

20. Grain of White Sugar

21. Screw

22. Paintbrush

23. Black Bread Mold

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