21 Wonderful Giant Photoshopped Cats. Someone call the Photoshop police!

Photoshop have become a true star of our century. It’s always in the spotlight for the amazing things it can do. But sometimes, it can also do wrong, so much wrong that someone should call the Photoshop Police. Actually, there should be a Photoshop Police to take care of our Photoshop “stuff” these days. Not all of its products can be as cute and wonderful and completely amazing as these 21 giant photoshopped cats playing around, in the middle of New York, the Sahara Dessert or London. They belong to artist Fransdita Muafidin who seems to have a lot of fun increasing the size of some super cute cats and placing them playing with famous landmarks like the statue of liberty, the tower of London or the Eiffel Tower.

The result is truly amazing and you’ll have a good time scrolling down through these 21 wonderful Photoshop projects. Cute cats acting like Godzilla is something you really need to see today.

1. Cute giant photoshopped cat having a momemt with the Statue of Liberty

2. “Hey you!”

3. The world is their playground

4. Stuck!

5. “You naughty boy, get back home!”

6. Cute giant photoshopped cat having a nap

7. Loving the big boat, we think

8. “Pooping in this beautiful, pig litter”

9. “Just blending in”

10. “Tired, so tired!”

11. “Hello, there, little mosquito!”

12. Giant lazy cat in the middle of Manhattan?!

13. “This little cute stick is mine!”

14. Someone call the Photoshop police! This is outrageous!

15.”Not sure how I got here!”

16. The giant sleepy beauty. Cute, isn’t it?

17. “Looking at you, peasants!”

18. Sitting like a boss, like the whole city is hers. Maybe it is!

19. Paris, the city of love!

20. “If I fits, I sits right here!”

21. The cutest catzilla moment on the planet. Could we get a Godzilla makeover, please?

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