These Starry Night dog paintings are both cute and artistic

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Artist Aja Trier re-imagined van Gogh's famous painting in these truly amazing Starry Night dog paintings which are both cute and artistic, at the same time.

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night painting is one of the most famous painting in the world. You just can't unsee or forget it after you've laid your eyes on it. Moreover, it has been repainted on pillows, t-shirts, bed sheets, you name it. It went down in the popular culture as well. It is many people's famous oil painting ever and inserting a dog into the Starry Night might seem a little risky, especially if your purpose is to keep the same artistic level and seriousness of the whole piece.

We think the result is pretty awesome and we're dying to know what Vincent van Gogh would have thought of this.

Starry Night is the work of art of the Dutch post-impressionist painter, Vincent van Gogh. It was painted in the summer of 1889, from his asylum room at Saint-Remy-de Provence. It actually depicts the view from his room window that very night. The village in the background was his own addition, though. The painting is now part of the New York City Museum of Modern Art art collection. The asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, where Van Gogh admitted himself voluntary after a breakdown which resulted in the self-mutilation of his left ear, is the place where he painted some of his most famous works, from the Starry Night to the Irises and his infamous blue self-portrait. The Starry Night was a allegedly painted on 18th June.

Now, back to Aja Trier re-imagined Starry Night paintings. It's true there have been a lot of re-imagined works of van Gogh's painting, but these series would really strike a cord with the animal and art lovers. Enjoy!

1. Hey there, your Majesty!

2. Don't go gentle into that good night

3. Those cute booties

4. Philosophing around

5. Happy all around

6. Look at this furry ball

7. Why so angry?

8. Someone is guarding the garden

9. Little boy ready for the special Starry Night

10. Lovingly

11. Friends

12. Someone is starring the Vincent's Starry Night. Who could it be?

13. White Night

14. A philosopher in the Starry Night

15. Goofy little cutie

16. Meditating

17. "Someone is hiding in my Starring Night painting"

18. Starring at you

19. Melancholy on a Starry Night

20. Pugs are everything. I wonder if Vincent knew about pugs?

21. Who's this cutie?

22. Lady having a moment

23. Why didn't our dear Vincent paint something like this, also?

Starry Night with cute little dog in the spotlight

24. Why so sad?

25. Starring at the Starry Night

26. If Vincent could see this, what do you think he'd believe?

27. Happiness is in him and all around him

28. Shy little boy