These 23 Exquisite, Elegant Ear Tattoos are better than any piercing

Ear tattoos are not the most common type of tattoos. Actually, they’re quite unusual, I give you that and might look rather painful to the one who has no tattoos whatsoever. And, why would you get a tattoo in the first place? Well, most people would say they want their tattoos to remind them of something they’ve been through, or they just want tattoos that look marvelous, send a message about them and can go with any type of clothing. I am not a big fan of crazy sleeves or full body tattoos or face tattoos, I give you that, but once in a while I feel like a tattoo might not be such a horrible idea, especially, after going through 23 pictures of exquisite, elegant ear tattoos.

Tiny tattoos are the best and I’m sure many of you would agree with me. They do not always get center stage and that’s the idea: you want a nice tiny tattoo on your wrist, ankle, fingers or arm or, why not, ear, to remind you of something, like a crazy little part of you that wants to be a rebel and looking good at the same time. Actually, tiny tattoos do give you a certain kind of elegance, chicness and mystery.

Yes, ear tattoos are not new, you might say. They have actually swept the internet a few times over and they’re still here to stay because of their wonderful, adorable, cute, elegant and exquisite designs. The most common ear tattoos designs are florals and they look marvelous on your ear. Maybe it will even make you “hear” life in happy musical notes.

Inked along the edge of the ears or even inside the lobe of outside the ear, ear tattoos are usually minimal and give your ear a strange beauty and uniqueness. Moreover, it’s delicate, intimate, you’re not like flaunting your tattoo for the whole world screaming: “hey, world, this is me”. You’re more like: “If you come closer, you might have the chance to meet me”. This is probably the thing that I like most about ear tattoos, their intimacy and their minimalism.

Of course, if you decide you want to go for an ear tattoo, you’ve got to think twice because it’s quite painful. You remember what piercing your ear cartilage felt like? Well, then try to imagine having a lot of needles working on your ear skin inside or outside while that incessant buzzing is right in your ear. Yeah, a few moments of pain for a lifetime of beauty.
























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