A couples’ everyday love story told in 6 gorgeous illustrations

Love is sung by poets, musicians, painted and sculptured by painters or sculptors and still, it looks like we’ll never run out of different ways of talking about love. From Shakespeare to Chopin or Verdi, every artist had his fair share of love pieces. The thing is, love is never the same. While centuries might pass and old ways of expression will perish in favour of new ones, love will continue to haunt artists and drive them to create. 

Now, many might object that the love sang by poets is not the same with the love of everyday life, that the love of Romeo and Juliet has nothing to do with the love of a couple in these days. Well, first of all, Romeo and Juliet have died and had very little time to consume their love. You’re, fortunately, still alive, living together and enjoying every bit of life that was given to you, together. Now, Romeo and Juliet didn’t have much time to worry about who washes the dishes, who takes the garbage out or who irons the clothes. You do and you should treasure these moments since they’re as sweet and beautiful as any love sonnet by Shakespeare. Unfortunately, we don’t have another modern Shakespeare to write poems about washing the dishes in a modern love relationship.

Still, we have graphic artists like Tall N Curly. She is a graphic designer and illustrator who describes herself in a very carefree way: “Ok. So I’m tall. And I’m curly. Very tall. And very curly. I tried to be short. Didn’t work. Tried to have straight hair. Didn’t last. Then I thought: <<Hey! Let’s try something new and try to be myself!”. And that is: tall and curly.” So are her illustrations, also: honest and unapologetic and gorgeous, showing us that love can sometimes be messy and boring and too much not like in the movies, but at the end of the day all that matters is the love you have for one another and the caring for each other.

One good example is this little love story about who gets up from the sofa to bring the remote controller. Enjoy these 6 gorgeous illustrations!

1. And so it starts…

2. It seems like they’re even so far

3. Not sure which one is worse

4. He seems to have a good memory

5. A moment of silence

6. And she gives up…sorry, girls!

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