Metal flowers and leaves sculptures by Taiichiro Yoshida to leave you in awe

These metal flowers and leaves sculptures will leave you in awe of both the human spirit and his love of art. When was the last time you’ve thought about building something, about creating your own kind of art? When was the last time you’ve strived to do something in your own way? This is the work of an artist. These are the kind of questions an artist asks himself and he is also the only one who answers. It might seem hard, but the results are, more often, rewarding. When you see works like these finely wrought metal flowers and leaves sculptures, you know it’s something special and you just gaze at them trying to understand, at first, how they were created.

In Taiichiro Yoshida’s case, it is quite hard, because the artist hid his secrets so well that, at first glance, you might say they are digital renderings. Even as computer generated images, they look quite nice and a little quirky and you might wonder who came with the idea and why are these mammals’ bodies covered in flowers and leaves? Then, it will incite your imagination and curiosity and you’ll want to know more. In which case, you will need to know that Taiichiro Yoshida, the artist behind these sculptures, is an accomplished metalsmith. That is not a computer geek, but rather a more “practical” artist who uses silver, bronze, and copper to shape leaves, flowers, and butterflies. This sounds like hard work, but more than that, it is the struggle of an artist to match the image in his mind with the one in front of him.

Man makes machines that work for him. That is how we built skyscrapers and huge boats that are a million times bigger than us but serve our will. Still, when you hear that a man has hand-shaped every petal, leaf, and wing on a metal sculpture and, moreover, has colored them using heat and cooling at specific temperatures, all for the love of art, then you will be in awe. You should also know that the artist is a 29-year-old Japanese bachelor’s and master’s degree in metal carving possessor at Tokyo University the Arts.

And now, you are free to enjoy these spectacular hand-made metal sculptures! If your heart and soul is still craving for some more art, you can also try these spectacular anamorphic sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz










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