26 Intriguing Modern-Day Illustrations

“Some things never change” you might be tempted to say when looking at these 26 intriguing modern-day illustrations. Women are still struggling to have the same resources and chances as men do, divorce is still like an earthquake for the child, our ego never stops pushing us to our limits, freedom is still a definition that others have formulated for you and so on and so forth. Still, there are some other problems that have emerged together with the digital revolution. Privacy is no longer possible, the big F Brother is watching everybody and we’re addicted to him, relationships are broken and only live in the virtual world, Amazon is burning and it’s not our dear Amazon Prime and the planet needs a “spring cleaning” as soon as possible.

Does it sound like an apocalyptic scenario? Well, we don’t need to get too pessimist about it now! There are also good things that happen in our world and we are evolving, but with every breakthrough comes a new problem which we need to solve. These illustrations are good to remind us of the hidden face of our reality that we seem to forget sometimes.

The artist behind these thought-provoking illustrations is a professional designer and illustrations with over 10 years of experience. His name is Daniel Garcia and you can check his illustrations on Instagram or on his website. He is dedicated to illustrating our social issues of today to let people know everything that is wrong with today’s society. <<“How are our relationships changing because of technology?”, “We want to save the world, but how dependent are we on other people’s slave work?”, “What are the ideas that free and restrain us?”, are just some of the important issues I want to address>>, says the artist.

We invite you to take a scroll down the memory lane and see if you’ve never encountered one of these social situations in your life or never thought about it! The illustrations might seem a little harsh, it’s a dark feeling to them, the colours are dark, but it’s only to make more aware of our today’s problems.

And if you feel it’s too depressing, you can always check the bright side, through these 25 best news of 2018

1. Pro Life

2. Our online privacy

3. Ego

4. Divorce seen through a child’s eyes

5. The Wall

6. Immigrants and the third world problem

7. News or Fake News?

8. The idea of freedom these days

9. You? Only you?

10.Politicians who talk too much and do so little

11. The Big Brother

12. Digital islands, more and more digital secluded islands

13. Who owns Earth’s resources?

14. Who cleans the planet?

15. War is business

16. Creativity does not pay bills. Crush it!

17. Success

18. Love in (un)real life

19. Amazon is more than an online shop and is burning

20. Health has become a business

21. Where do you go?

22. Too much work

23. The two faces of the same coin

24. Gender gap

25. When do we clean the planet?

26. All those invisible people who serve you every day

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