This artist plays with your mind and you won't recognise these famous products!

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We are exposed to thousands of products and their branding every day. You can't walk down a street in a modern city or even a small town, without being bombarded with advertisements. Logos are bigger and bigger and they kind of stay in your head long after you've seen an ad or tried a product. McDonald's, Pepsi, Marlboro, these brands cannot go unnoticed. An interesting piece of research I read talked about a whopping 5000 brand logos and messages being delivered to a single person, on a single day. Huge!

The truth is, marketers will stop at nothing to make their branding memorable. A marketer's job is not only to make that product or service sell better but also to make people fall in love with it, recognize it, relate to it. And what better way to remember a brand for, if not for their logos. A logo is the most recognizable branding a brand can have and if it is delivered to you a thousand times a day, then you'll recognize it even in your sleep. Then you'll make associations, the logo will be part of a brand promise in your mind and there's no escape.

That until an artist comes over and does something about it. What could be done about logos and branding? Well, how about switching the logos for another type of product than you were used to? What would the first impression be? Would it electrocute you, metaphorically speaking? Artist Ahmed Morshedi set out to find out through a series of mad logos and product associations. This will play with your mind!

He redesigns packages and puts the "wrong" logo on them to play tricks on your mind and make you ponder the idea of marketing and logos and what they're doing to us.

Ahmed himself is a full-time art director but also loves to play the artist and he really succeeds in creating unusual and thought-provoking art pieces. So, check out these brand design mashups and let us know what you think! Is your brain a little confused?

1. Hey, Colonel, what you doin'?

2. So, they work with Pepsi! What's the problem?

3. Nice product and branding association. Both give you energy!

4.How about this branding design mashup?

5. Mario? Is that you?

6. Well, well, what have we got here?

7. Brilliant branding mashup!

8. Maybe in a parallel universe...

9. Drinking two bottles of Marlboro a day keeps the doctor away! Waaait, whaaat?

10. Lays with no air at all? How is that even possible?

11. Well, this is a little disturbing. Don't you feel it?

12. Orange Ketchup anyone?

13. What is this devilish thing?

14. So, McDonald's is a chewing gum? Many haters might agree here...

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