Pies are Awesome because Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin makes sure of that

Pies are awesome and we’ve got Jessica Leigh Clark- Bojin to make sure of that. This is the type of article where I just cannot wait to let you see the pictures! This is the type of article that speaks only through pictures and words are really feeble in describing this amazing “pie installations” by this amazing pie-artist. Is there something like a pie-artist? I don’t know, but Jessica must be one, if not the first one. I’ve never been a fan of pies, but these masterpieces will leave you both hungry and amazed.

Since it would be an unpardonable lack of respect to go right to the awesome pies and not speak of their amazing creator, I’m going to resist this temptation and talk a little about Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, the incredible woman behind these incredibly tasty and good-looking pies.

“Hi there – I’m Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin and I think Pies are Awesome” is how she presents herself on her website.  She has gone on a mission to show the world pies are even better than the poshest wedding cakes or fancy-pants desserts. Moreover, she says there are fun and easy to pull too.  She has proved that through her Instagram account where, apart from the amazing pie, she also shows you the process behind. Moreover, she’s quite responsive on Social Media so if you feel like trying one of these pies yourself, why not ask her for a few tips.

She’s truly fascinating and in her own words: <<“Rethinking the pie” may seem like an odd vocational calling, yet it combines all of my skills and passions in a surprisingly satisfying way. It involves scientific experimentation, engineering, sculpture, graphic design, painting, pop culture savvy, photography and filmmaking/editing skills, digital community building, creative writing, as well as a host of general entrepreneurial skills. The satisfaction I get from uncovering a new pastry sculpture technique, successfully troubleshooting the engineering hurdles, creating a compelling composition commemorating a favourite film or game, and then sharing the results with the world is unlike any job I’ve ever had.>>

Now, let’s go right to the awesome pies!

1. Cutie pie!

2. A regal pie!

3. The Queen of pies!

4. And the Prince of Pie

5. We’re getting ready for Christmas, but a little Easter inspiration never hurt nobody

6. Well, well, well

7.  Here’s Johnny!

8. The loyal Hachikō now has a pie in his honour!

9. She has a dream! A dream of pie!

10. The fairy-tale pie!

11. Halloween inspiration!

12. This pie should be named: “Friendzone”. GOT fans will understand

13. It’s a pity this is also delicious!

14. The queen of the awesome pies!

15. This cute little pie!

16. The pie of liberty!

17. Ellen DePie

18. One thing is sure: she’s not joking when it comes to awesome pies!

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