Check out these self-confidence illustrations and start a new year with hope!

Self-confidence is something you need in life. No matter what you set your mind to,  you need the self-confidence to keep your hopes high and fulfil your dreams. These illustrations from Planet Prudence are just what you need to feel empowered by the end of this year. They will give you a boost of energy and make you feel like you’re good enough to do anything you set your mind to. Moreover, you’re fine and you’re allowed to have embarrassing moments since you’re human. What is really amazing about these comics is that they give you hope by presenting to you real-life situations face-to-face to movie-like expectations. You’ll realize they’re fake and humorously accept your humanity and yourself. Yes, humour makes it all easier and more bearable. On your ladder to success and accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions you need humour, don’t forget that!

In the Planet Prudence comics, we follow the main character Prudence and her alter ego, both faced with particular life situations and showcasing them with humour. The artist behind this series is a female web illustrator who has made it her mission to empower women and teach them how to love and accept themselves just the way they are. Planet Prudence teaches you that is okay to spend all weekend reading books and watching Netflix, as it’s ok to look in the mirror and not see a model.

Self-confidence is important; being honest to yourself and not being too tough on yourself in certain situations just because you saw a movie character look like that and you don’t look like that, is really important. This is what Planet Prudence teaches us. Through its exploration of everyday life, you’ll see yourself and your shattered self-confidence in minor moments in life. You’ll understand that it’s ok not to look sexy when you’re sick; it’s ok if your yoga pants don’t fit like in the pictures and it’s perfectly fine if you go to Starbucks looking normal and you drink a coffee without a fancy laptop and agenda in front of you.

So, hey, girls! Don’t take everyday life too seriously. Take it with a pinch of humour and you’ll see that life gets easier and more beautiful and worth living and enjoying. For the inspiration to do so, you should check out these self-confidence illustrations and get your girl power up and rising! See yourself as you are and love yourself for t! This is how self-confidence is born!

1. Self-confidence means spending the weekend however you feel like and not feeling guilty about that!

2. It’s OK! You smell good! Go out and impress them with your personality, not your perfume!

3. Wine has no Valentine? You can be it if you feel like it!

4. Sure, baby! You’re natural and you should not feel guilty about it!

5. It’s OK to do that! Don’t be too hard on yourself! You’re human! You need to let out some… bad energy from time to time

6. Sexy is an inner feeling!

7.  Having the flu is horrible and you are allowed to have it your way, understood?

8. So what? He’ll love you the way you are if he’s true to you!

9. It doesn’t matter how those yoga pants fit, okey?

10. Well, no one was born a twerking queen!

11. Seducing is a whole other thing in real life. Don’t watch all those fake movies!

12. Well, it happens to everyone. Just because they don’t say it it doesn’t matter it does not happen

13. Hey, girl! You’re you and that is beautiful!

14. Beauty is a state of mind and a feeling! Feel it, girl and have no fear!

15. “Me time” is also important, girl! If you don’t feel like it, don’t do it!

16. Perfection!

17. Well, some expectations are plain stupid! Know that, girl!

18. Is that fair game!?

19. The story of a procrastinator! Are you one, girl?

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