Miniature figures swim and ski in textured mounds of acrylic paint in this mixed media art

Mixed media art is breathtaking. The choice of mixing two or more different mediums or materials to create an artwork makes all the difference between “beautiful” and “amazing”. The most common examples of mixed media art are assemblages and collages; they make use of different materials, from cloth, paper, wood to even random found objects. It looks simple on paper, but when you see what the Iranian mixed-media artist Golsa Golchini has done, you’ll be flabbergasted.

Golsa Golchini has called upon different mediums and techniques to create this series of artworks, from impasto to digital painting techniques. She’s created three-dimensional undulations and slants from textured mounds of acrylic paint. On these, she’s added digital paintings of tiny people swimming or skiing. How? Through ink transfer and she intervened by hand where additional details where needed. The overall design of the paintings is simple; the world needs simplicity nowadays, thinks the Iranian artist.

These artworks represent small worlds of ours in which we carry out our dear daily activities in peace. Nevertheless, looking at these swimmers and skiers in their own tiny worlds of moulded acrylic paint, their isolation environments eventually strikes you. The artist herself has intended for this to happen, as she has added shadows at the edge of the flat transfers, to make you think just that: they’re having fun in their tiny little worlds, but they’re so isolated from everything else.

“My artworks are my way of communicating with the observer about the things of everyday life that we all have in common. (…) Although the artworks are simple, they are usually expressing challenging situations”, said Golchini in a statement. This is why she uses a rather limited color palette and the characters resemble one another; in the end, although we’re quite isolated in our own little worlds, we’re all the same, struggling in the same common situations and having a rather similar spectrum of emotions.

Now it’s time to scroll down to the actual mixed media art. We get the sense you’ll like what you are about to see and you’d be finding yourself craving for more. In that case, we advise you to check out these amazing 3D artworks by Dani Aristizabal.

1. Swimming in your tiny little world, in Golsa Golchini’s vision

2. Skiing together

3. Nature and us, humans

4. When worlds meet, but they do not collide…

5. Making a splash into the unknown

6. Scuba Diving in your own dimension

7. Artistic skating in a mixed media artwork

8. This is my favorite by far! Are we all artworks in the making?

9. Constantly moving

10. Always dreaming of the mountain top

11. Sliding down 2020, relaxed!

12. Art

If you really enjoyed Golsa Golchini paintings, you can order them on Return on Art.

More than that, you can get in touch with her on her Instagram.


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