Meet Tora, the Trucker Cat who has visited 43 states with her human

You would think cats are really lazy beings who love to sit around all day doing nothing in particular apart from stealing some of your favourite slippers and purring ceaselessly. They would death stare you in the eyes and hypnotize you to bring them the food. Well, Tora, the Trucker Cat is a little bit different; or maybe her hooman is a little bit different and likes going on adventures. Yes, all of you cat owners, you should get your cats out of the house and go together on an adventure!

Anyways, Tora is adorable and she is only one year old and has seen 43 states already. How old are you? Yes, you, lying on your couch and scrolling scrolling scrolling… Nevermind, let me tell you about Tora. If you’re a cat person, it will completely warm your heart!

Well, Tora is a Scottish Straight cat who loves the passenger seat of her owner’s truck. She loves it so much that she has visited almost all of the United States already. David, her hooman friend had always wanted to adopt a cat but was always refused because everybody thought that the truck seat is not a suitable place for a kitty to live and enjoy. Finally, he got a call from a breeder who had sent him a photo of the eight-week-old Tora. It was love at first sight, as you might imagine.

David remembers that time with a smile on his face: “We got Tora when she was just eight weeks old and hit the road just three days later. She was the bravest little kitten I’ve ever seen and took to the truck instantly. She loved looking out the window and taking in all the new sights. It was an instant fit”

David and Tora keep everybody up to date with their adventure on their Instagram page which has already gathered over 12,700 followers.

Tora just loves adventures

David never expected Tora to be such a star on Instagram. He never thought that they would make so many online and offline friends. I don’t know why he never expected this because the first time I set eyes on Tora I knew this cat has got all the “celebrity assets” in the book. David and Tora really get along well and plan on visiting the remaining five continental states by the end of this year. This way, they can say they’ve made a trip round the United States.

“Tora loves to get out of the truck and explore, especially in big cities!” – David

David says that his favourite memory with Tora is the first time they’ve walked together. She had no problem walking on a leash, never got scared of the loud sounds of a truck stop and soon became the best companion of a truck driver.

Tora always loved to explore everything around here. The first time David took Tora outside on the road, it took her two hours to get tired and eventually sit down.

Even though she’s always on the road, Tora does have a litter box. It is placed in the sleeper of the cabin and it is cleaned out twice a day.

Tora definitely loves life on the road

She was probably born for it

Just look at this cutie!

David always makes sure Tora looks her best in her Instagram photos

And also when she sleeps…

Those big eyes will melt your heart

She’s curious and always checking around

Tora really likes to dress up to the occasion

And her story is really inspiring for anyone who plans to travel the world

Never afraid of anything

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