These are Yee Chong’s adorable animals living in the real world

Imagine you are an artist with the ability to create breathtaking things and change your day-to-day reality. Well, you could be Yee Chong, the digital artist from Malaysia whose graphic design skills are of a Master Yoda level. One of his latest projects include creating a bunch of really adorable animals and letting them “live” in our real world. From digitally-created foxes, cute little kittens to fantasy creatures, the line is quite narrow and this is where the art of Chong lies. By masterfully using digital art, he’s blending fantasy and reality and it is both adorable and mindblowing. His little creatures are interacting with teacups, sofas, coffee makers from real life and you cannot help but wonder how that’s made.

This project was the result of Chong’s desire to work on his artistic skills. So he started playing around and then something great came out of it. In his own words: “It was meant to be a test on my understanding of light and shadow, but people seem to like them a lot so I continued until now”. His adorable digital animals got him more than 100k followers on Instagram and you can see for yourselves how that happened.

You can tell from the artworks below that Chong has a thing for foxes and rascal adorable animals. They’re all hanging around Chong, chewing on his stylus or being petted by him. It’s mostly like having a world of yourself with your own little imaginary friends doing all kinds of funny and adorable things around. They almost leave you craving for a digital pet of your own. If you don’t believe us, check these images out and you won’t be able to help but smile all the way down.

1. Awww! These adorable animals by Yee Chong will melt your heart completely

2. Don’t be sad! You’re so cute!

3. When fantasy and reality blend to the maximum

4. A little adorable present from the world of digital art

5. Cuteness overload

6. He’s so adorable!

7. Much like in a fantasy movie with extraordinary cool beings

8. Hey, you, little rascal!

9. You is beautiful! You is wonderful! You is cute!

10. Broccoli is not desirable, not even in the digital world, right?

11. “Hey, let me help you!”

12. “I’m much cuter than your coffee!”

13. “I’m not fat; I’m just fluffy!”

14. “You mean to say this ball is mine? Thank you!”

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