What new technologies are coming in 2020?

Some call this era the 4th Industrial Revolution and this is because these new technologies of 2020 will bring a major step for humankind. We hope it’s for the better. More than ever, it’s important that we keep up with them and grab the opportunities when they show. Some of these technologies are imminent for 2020 and prepared we must be, as Master Yoda might say. Here are 5 technologies and trends you should keep your eyes on for next year!

1. Artificial Intelligence as a service

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest tech revolutions of our century. All the leading tech-companies, like Amazon, Google or Microsoft, conduct heavy research on how to properly use AI in day-to-day activities, business operations and so on. In 2020 new steps will be taken in this direction and people will become more used to working alongside AIs. New tailored applications and services using AIs will be developed and people will see the real use of them in the near future. Artificial intelligence is the biggest bet of our century and we’ve got to make it right. Research shows that automation will eliminate 73 million more jobs by 2030, while also creating other jobs. Numbers such as 23 million are vehiculated when talking about 2020 new AI jobs. Five out of six Americans will use AI services in one form or another in 2020. Most of them are using them today.

2. 5G Data Networks

2020 will bring super-fast download and upload speeds and more stable connections. It is true, it is already available in 2019, but with expensive and limited functions. There are more business implications to having this super-fast and stable internet access than just simply streaming music and movies at the highest quality. The now huge bandwidth will enable machines, robots and other autonomous vehicles to collect and transfer more data than ever leading to advances in the Smart Machines sector. These two are interconnected.

3. Autonomous Driving

Our streets won’t be full of autonomous vehicles in 2020, but there will undoubtedly be more and more research and advances in this area. Elon Musk has declared that Tesla will create a “truly complete” autonomous vehicle by 2020. Moreover, there will be an increase in the number of cars capable of operating automated braking and lane-changing functionalities. In addition to all these, we will see the development of other in-car systems such as security and entertainment which will receive an upgraded level of automation. Regulators, legislators and authorities will have a hard time changing the existing laws and infrastructure so that it fits the new emerging technologies, while the social attitude will undoubtedly see some differences.

4. Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality is a general term for the virtual, augmented and mixed reality concepts. As you probably know, VR means you get fully immersed into a digital universe using a headset that blends out the real world. AR overlays digital objects on our real world, much like a Snapchat filter and MR or mixed reality means you can interact with these digital objects which were placed in our real world.We’ve had some notable examples in this category. From the Oculus Rift state-of-the-art headsets to immersive videogames and camera filters to the one-hit-wonder Pokemon GO game, Extended Reality has been part of our lives for some time. In 2020 all these things are expected to change, become a little more serious. Virtual and augmented reality is a very good prospect for training and simulations and for offering new innovative ways of communicating with customers.

5. Blockchain technologies

Most people and even non-tech-savvy companies still don’t know what blockchain is.  2020 might change all of that. To make things clear for everybody here who have a slight idea of what blockchain is (yes, it has to do with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies): a blockchain is a digital ledger where transactions are recorded and secured in an encrypted and decentralized nature. At first, it was a big hype over this, but then people seemed to forget all about blockchains. Still, some big companies like FedEx, IBM, Walmart or Mastercard have kept investing in blockchain technology and we’re looking at some major improvements that will start to show real-world results in the near future. Take Facebook’s own blockchain cryptocurrency, for instance, Libra, which, if things are going to go according to plan, is going to create quite a stir in the world, in 2020.

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