These letters to God from 3rd-grade students are mind-blowing

What happens when you ask a 3rd-grade student to write a letter to God? Well, we are about to see that below. God is a big word and I’m sure it represents something different to all of us. It is also a very sensitive subject to talk about. Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a try as an introduction to these kids’ hilarious and mind-blowing idea of God.

They say a child and a drunk man are always honest and don’t mind about what others would say or think. I don’t know for sure, but these 3rd-grade students really asked God a couple of bold questions. Their letters are both cute and funny and, well, they are really straightforward. For example, we’ve been taught since birth that God loves everybody in this world and this one kid finds that really amazing. He’ll like to know how God does that because he feels that loving his family of four is hard enough. Somehow, through his childish “dilemma”, he addresses serious issues in our world that he might find out about when he grows older: acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love for the person you know nothing about. I hope he finds the answer to that.

Kids usually love God because he’s this really “cool” being who built the world. Teaching religion to children should be more about stories and life lessons, rather than about ideologies and “our-religion-is-the-best” kind of approach. Fighting over whose religion was the best was the cause of many historical disasters, killings and hate. The sad truth is that it still is. Religious radicalism is a huge blow to our world and at the moment, we seem lost and unable to find a solution to this problem.

God or Religion?

This might look like a very serious subtitle. I meant for it to be striking because I think that there is something we adults can learn from these kids’ funny, mind-blowing letters to God: the fact that God is love and should only be about that. These kids below are really grateful to God and his creation, although some of them are wondering why he’s not creating some new animals. All in all, they’re all saying nice things to God and they’re not just saying that because he is God.

Maybe this is what we should all do, whether we believe in God or some other form of divinity, we still are taken aback by the beauty of the sun, the breathtaking sceneries of the Alpes or the Niagara Falls. Someone might have put them here on this Earth, right? I think the matter of “believing in God” is a very intimate one. Asking someone this question is really wrong. I think anyone should have the right to believe in everything he feels like believing as long as that brings him love and peace. I think the ultimate idea of God is love and peace and we’re all fiding those in different places.

It is good to be taught about God as a kid because this means you’re taught about virtue, doing good in the world, building something truly amazing, loving and living a righteous life. As you grow older you’re free to believe in anything you want, as long as you don’t hurt other people and keep love in your heart.

Anyways, enough with these serious matters! Let’s get back to these kids’ funny letters to God and have a good time about it. Maybe if we were more children than “adults”, maybe the world would have been a better place. Who knows?

1. Good question!

2. Our little Donny wants to know about reverend Coe and how come he knows everything about God

3. One of the funniest letters to God, I must admit

4. I bet it’s a trick, Lucy, but who knows?

5. Sometimes, not even those countries know

6. He’s not jealous, Jane!

7. I don’t think God is American; I don’t think he’s anything of that

8. One of the most classic questions, but with an unexpected twist

9. I bet he does, Charles1

10. Ooops! What have you done, Darla?

11. I think we work better, Tom!

12. It is ok, Neil! As long as it is love, it is ok.

13. I bet we’ll never know that!

14. Maybe a brother is better, though. He’ll be around for longer than a dog, Joyce!

15. I think he “invented” all the animals we needed

16. Naughty boy here!

17. This is what we all feel sometimes…

18. I don’t think I have an answer for that

19. He cares dearly for his chess set

20. Wait until he finds out about the correction tape

21. This is so mind-blowing and quite an eye-opener

22. They’re nice people

23. Making God curious

24. Never thought about that!

25. If only for Halloween, I think it’s alright

26. Wow! Just wow!

27. How could Thomas Edison do tha?

28. Awww!

29. The stars are great and God is even greater

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