This teacher writes down all the outrageous and funny things kids say

Sometimes, kids say such outrageous things that if they were adults they would actually provoke real wars with them. Luckily they’re not, they’re just kids and people think they’re adorable and funny when they say the blunt truth out loud with no fear and with a lot of confidence. And if you listen long enough to everything they have to say, you’ll realize that there is a certain kind of unrefined, undiluted, primordial truth and soundness to them. It’s almost like we come from a land of logic, order and wisdom and as we grow older and face life’s challenges, we lose some of it or try to water it down out of fear. 

However, kids will always be kids and that is why we advise every little kid to try and keep some of his curiosity and wonder and straight-forward attitude as much as possible because that way he can lead a better and more fulfilling life. Now you’ll scroll down and look at these pictures and have a laugh and think they’re adorable and somewhere, deep down in yourself, you know that much of them are true.

Alyssa Cowit is the teacher behind these hilarious kids’ quotes. She also believes that children are extremely honest and their curiosity is brilliant and should be taken seriously more often. That is why she decided to take her Kindergarteners’ questions and comments and post them on an Instagram account she started. @livefromsnacktime is the name of the account and up until this day it has amounted to 260k followers.

Alyssa’s purpose is to let adults understand that children are not trying to draw attention towards them, but rather that they are not afraid to think out loud about everything that it’s on their mind and everything they feel. So, let’s check out these hilarious 25 quotes and questions from children aged 3 – 10 years old.

1. If only he knew he’ll love it even more as he grows up

2. The sad truth told by a 10-year-old

3. If only we could be this honest and always say how we actually feel

4. Kid humour at its best

5. Kids are not afraid of calling that name out

6. In 20 years you’ll tell them out loud!

7. This is pure logic and sheer gold

8. He is right. This 8-year-old rocks at life. I hope he never changes!

9. This level of sarcasm is gold!

10. I wish I had this level of confidence growing up

11. We all do, Beau! We all do, sometimes

12. If only we could take that break as adults…things would be so much better

13. Maelle has got it right! Boys fall in love so easily

14. I’m always broken, but never thought about that

15. We all feel this way when we need a break, like every week…

16. Seeing out loud that you’re allergic to people and really meaning it is the level of confidence I aspire to

17. He’s absolutely right. You don’t talk about happiness, you just let it do its job on the inside

18. That might really happen, Chloe! Nevertheless, you should take good care who you choose. “Eenie meenie miney mo” won’t do it for you

19. JOMO is the best word I’ve learned these past 5 years! That’s it, folks! Write it down!

20. Natalie’s honesty is just so cute and sweet and if only we could say the same thing about work, vegetables and everything that’s not pizza and get away with it for the rest of our lives…

21. How could a real dad forget to buy his kids chips? How is that even possible?

22. Madeleine, you’re so right. Bangs are useless. You should have any haircut you’d like and don’t care about the “fashion people” out there

23. Awww! This is so adorable and I absolutely love it that he’s going to give the bird its wings back. If only we could still say this kind of nice things after we grow up…

24. This is so right and wise. Sometimes, too much desperate love can break you to pieces

25. Honesty, outrageous honesty from an 8-year-old! How about that?

Via Live from Snack Time

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