60 Funny Faces That Are So Hilarious It's Just Ridiculous

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Funny faces are all over the world, one just needs to look for them closely or even just catch a regular person in the right moment to see what we mean. A hilarious face really is just a regular face caught in the right moment, that's what it is. Anyone can make a funny face by simply sticking his tongue out or just make his eyes cross eye. 

Some of the people below are clearly just trying hard to make the funniest faces we ever saw, that's why we created this gallery so you can laugh out loud and just don't bother with all the daily boredom or hardship. Start browsing below.

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1. The kid knows how to do a face

funny faces

Even that hairdo is killing it

2. Double trouble

lol faces

Using your pet as a side kick, classic move

3. I don't see what's funny 

lol faces

That's a pretty normal face

4. Couples are also allowed

funny faces

Who said you have to go solo

5. Wow, using a air blower to really get it done

funny faces

Slam dunk, nice!

6. Classic 

funny face expressions

Just a classic that always works

7. Smart people can be funny too

funny faces

Albert Einstein 

8. That hair

silly face

What's funnier - her hair or her face

9. The Beatles get in on the action 

silly faces

Celebrity contribution 

10. Poor little kid

silly faces

What's going on in your mouth kid

11. She looks pretty

funny faces

I like that shirt too

12. This is an old classic meme

hilarious faces

Every version just changes what the girl is holding in her hand

13. Duck face gone wrong

funny face

I think the duck face by itself is funny enough 

14. Nice skills

funny face

I couldn't do that even if I tried 

15. Sensual 

funny face

I love her really 

16. I wonder if his eyes are small

fun faces

Or is it just the huge glasses 

17. Freckles  love

funny faces

That wink as well 

18. That nose looks broken 

funny faces

That's commitments right there 

19. She is gorges

funny faces

I don't care what kind of face she makes

20. Old school face

Funny Faces

Going old school, this practice has been going on for generations 

21. Nice effect 

funny face

This is a nice touch 

22. Where's the glass

funny faces

Is this black magic?

23. Kpop dreams 

funny faces

You know you love her right now

24. Angelina Jolie? 

funny faces

Why is she still hot?! 

25. Look at that curve 

funny face

Nice one girl 

26. Figure skating is not easy 

funny faces

This is hard enough, we can give him a break - NOT!

27. Nicholas Cage 

funny faces

Movie stars get in the action 

28. Teen dreams

funny faces

She is familiar right? 

29. This is photoshopped 

fun faces

Not a real face, but still counts 

30. Baby with talent 

fun faces

Babies sure know how to get this done 

31. Mug shot 

funny faces

He waited for the right moment 

32. Let's not go there please

gunny faces

Don't do it, resist the urge 

33. Lady's man 

funny faces

That mast ache is a killer 

34. Another gif

funny face gif

Another day driving to work

35. She is trying to look bad

funny faces

In real life, she is quite cool 

36. Wow! How did he do that?

faces funny

Japanese are known for their ability 

37. What is going on here

funny faces

No idea how she pulled this off, but I respect that

38. Jail snapshot

funny faces

We know police mugshots are always fun

39. Going for gold

funny face

This is going for gold in the most purest way 

40. I think this is her regular face

funny faces

Not trying to do anything, she doesn't know why she's here 

41. The king of the faces 

funny faces

Mr. Bean. We all know and love him 

42. Cone head 

funny faces

Remember that movie, those were some funny heads 

43. This is priceless 

funny faces

Can you keep going or did you had enough? 

44. Rappers and faces

funny face

We know he did it on purpose 

45. Putting in the work

funny faces

Making it work is not easy. You gotta put in the work 

46. Starting at a young age

funny faces

Getting it on from a baby age

47. Soccer players doing their part

funny faces

Is this before or after scoring? 

48. This is a mask

funny faces

Not really a face, but still makes the point 

49. He seems so surprised

funny faces

Like we said before, sporting events are a gold mine 

50. This is a gif, but it's funny

funny faces gif

Making faces at the camera like an angry dog

51. Photoshopping actors

Can we get more of these please, these faces make me laugh 

Can we get more of these please, these faces make me laugh 

52. The lonely tooth

funny faces

This picture I think became famous

53. What's going on in his mind

funny faces

Doesn't anyone know? I really want to know the meaning of this face

54. Sporting events are always a good source for fun

funny faces

They make the funniest expressions ever when they stress

55. She knows what she's doing 

funny faces

Celebrities always know

56. Working hard for it

fun faces

If you're going to do a silly face, you might as well put some effort into it

57. Models. Right?

funny faces

They are serious on the runway, but funny off of it

58. What's going on here

funny face pics

This kid is just, I have no words to describe it. 

59. The king of the faces in my opinion

funny face pictures

But in all seriousness, this is really hard to do

60. Thinking hard or hardly thinking 

funny faces

The last of the gallery, was it really that bad? We think it was funny

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