8 ft Bean Bag Chair is Everything I Want in Life Now

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This 8 ft bean bag chair, or better called fluffy bed is perfect for when you just want to fall off your feet and land on a cloud.

It’s actually called the Chill Sack and for a very good reason. If you haven’t figured it out just yet, it’s because when you sit on it, you will get very chilled, and probably fall asleep without waking up for hours.

The more appropriate name we think this huge 8 foot bean bag should have is the ultimate Netflix and chill bean bag, but I guess you can’t use that term because of trade marking issues. Shame. Real shame.

The bean bag itself is covered in micro suede cover so that your behind will feel like you are sitting in the lap of a friendly, furry bear. Yeah, that’s how you feel like when sitting on this baby.

Another plus is that you can remove the cover as needed and clean it in your washer or whatever.

Some technical details for those who are thinking what I know you think ” This is so huge I gotta check if it will fit in my living room before I commit “. So here are the details:

It’s 34″ tall x 96″ wide and 96” deep. It weighs 130 pounds instead of 830 and filled with shredded memory foams and not real beans. If it were filled with real beans you will not be able to move it, like at all.

You can get the huge bean bag in various colors and you should already have your credit card out throwing money at the screen, don’t hesitate, go for it. Check out the price here

The 8 ft bean bag chair called The Chill Sack can be washed in your washer

You can get it in many different color

It’s so big it actually weighs 130 pounds. That’s because it’s filled with shredded memory foams and not real beans

This looks right to me, I want this in my life

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